Other things

Right now, there is quite a bit going on, mainly due to His House…

His House was conceived and written in partnership with Felicity Evans. A horror story with a timely social message, it was commissioned by Starchild Pictures who brought in talented director Remi Weekes, with whom we developed the project. New Regency then came on board and despite it being briefly stopped in its tracks by the lovely Weinstein Company, who wanted distribution so much they hit Starchild with a $10m lawsuit, the film got made. It premiered at Sundance in 2020 and was picked up by Netflix, who gave it a global Halloween release that year. In 2021 it won four BIFAs and a BAFTA for Outstanding Debut. Since then, we have been talking to all manner of film and TV people so there may be more news soon…

See my blog page for the latest updates.


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