So, here we are, then

This is the webthing of Toby Venables, author of The Viking Dead (zombies + Vikings) and the Guy of Gisburne novels Knight of Shadows and The Red Hand (out January 2015). Or, as I am more often – and more succinctly – known to myself, ‘me’.

I also write screenplays, one of which is maybe (possibly) about to potentially do something. Predictably, this one – the only one really worth talking about at the moment – is the one I can’t talk about. But with any luck it’ll all fall apart in spectacular fashion and then I can discuss at length what a masterpiece it obviously would have been.

This site – squealing and new – is very much a work in progress, and will expand, contract, groan and occasionally shriek in agony as it struggles to find its true form under the inexpert ministrations of its creator. Eventually, however, it may reach such a level of perfection that it will just do its own thing and I will no longer need to exist.

Page header: Cover art for The Viking Dead by the excellent Gerard Miley


9 thoughts on “So, here we are, then

  1. Any news on the 3rd Gisburne novel yet? 1 & 2 were terrific. I bought both hard copies and e-books so I could devour them at every opportunity!


    • Thank you! I think everyone should follow your shining example and buy mutliple copies.

      I’m not supposed to say anything about Gisburne 3, but actually yes, it has been commissioned, and yes I have started writing it. Keep that under your coif…


  2. Well done sir. I take it, since you are already a screenwriter, that you are magically transcribing this trilogy into something that will translate to the big screen?


    • I would love to do that… So far, no company has shown any interest, though I think it would work pretty well as a mega-budget TV series, and they’re going to need something when Game of Thrones comes to an end…


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