PERCIVAL released today

PERCIVAL is the world’s first film shot entirely using virtual production methods (at Rebellion’s new studios). No green screen. Almost everything you see is in camera.

Script by me and Felicity Evans, based on an idea by Rebellion CEO Jason Kingsley (who appears as the knight and supplied his own armour and weapons) and directed by the hugely talented HaZ Dulull.

You can watch the whole (short) thing here. Enjoy!

First trailer for His House is here…

First trailer for HIS HOUSE – original screenplay by Felicity Evans and, um… me! Coming to Netflix at midnight on 30 October.

#HisHouse is the real deal. Scariest #Sundance2020 flick by far — and one of the most beautiful and most moving.”

– Joel Meares, Rotten Tomatoes

Percival: a world first in virtual production

Very proud to have been involved in this world first as screenwriter with Felicity Evans.