The Red Hand – first review

image001First past the post (as far as I know) is Bloggabook… Very complimentary and to-the-point, they said: “The interconnectedness of everyone in this story is so well laid out and presented that you don’t need to reference a flow chart during the story.”

Always a bonus, not having to reference a flow chart.

Look what’s arrived…

IMG_0716This nice big box turned up full of books. Yes, Gisburne returns in the second book of the Hunter of Sherwood trilogy, The Red Hand – a story of death, murder, killing, assassination, slaughter, execution and hurdy-gurdies.

It’s out in the UK in January 2015, and you can pre-order on Amazon. In the US it’s out slightly sooner – 30 December – and transatlantic Gisburneheads can buy it here. The perfect remedy to post-Christmas gift disappointment.

I also now have an author page on Amazon which gathers the various tomes together, including the just-published ox-stunner The Zombie Renaissance in Popular Culture, to which I contributed the closing chapter (on the literary heritage of zombies in general, and the Norse undead in particular).