Zombies and guns

zombie meJust in case you missed yesterday’s, #zombiesurvivaltips tweetfest, here they are all gathered into one place, like zed-heads in a mall:

  • The zombie apocalypse (ZA) has happened. You’re in a huge mall that sells everything. What do you grab first?
  • Guns? Lots of guns?
  • You’ve just ensured you’ll last the week. Maybe five days.
  • Minor problem: Guns are loud. That one zed you shot? Great job – but now 100 more are coming your way.
  • Major problem: Guns need ammunition, and no one is making that shit any more.
  • Unless you can make it from scratch, it is a finite resource – and the clock is ticking.
  • I give it a week.
  • A bow, however… It’s quiet. No unwanted attention when you dispatch that one walker that happened to see you.
  • It kills at a distance – better than relying on that machete. (Much as I respect the machete.)
  • Ammunition for a bow CAN be made from scratch. Even a badly made arrow can do the job at close range.
  • But keep it simple. Forget compound bows. If they break, they’re hard to fix. Maybe impossible.
  • So, man up. Train up. Learn to draw a longbow.
  • If you had to, you could even make a simple bow. The materials are all around.
  • This the key to your strategy for surviving a ZA. Get medieval on its ass. Learn to make and do.
  • Learn to live free of industry. Of mass production. Of anything you cannot achieve with your own two hands.
  • So what should you have grabbed in that mall, besides food?
  • Tools. The means to make and do.
  • Congratulations. You just increased your survival chances by 1000%