#AltWar – the movie

Finally, a major piece of news can be revealed…

This year, I’m working on a feature film screenplay based on J.J. Patrick’s (completely factual) book Alternative War, in close partnership with the author himself, former police officer, whistle-blower and now investigative journalist with Byline. And the development is being funded not by the industry, but by those who most believe in it – those who have supported it all the way. You.

Those who already know of J.J. Patrick’s shocking political exposé will need little explanation as to why it’s significant. Those who don’t… Well, hold on to your hats.

At the time of publication in August 2017, James’s book – detailing Russia’s cyber war and meddling in the US election and Brexit referendum – was frequently dismissed as tinfoil-hat, conspiracy-theory paranoia. Six months on, and the Mueller investigation and EU nation premiers (including, belatedly, Theresa May) are confirming daily everything it outlined – a grim reality made all the grimmer by the fact that we were blissfully unaware it was happening, wrapped up as we were in its baffling fallout: Trump and Brexit.

But now we’re waking up to it, what can be done?

The answer, to James, seemed obvious: get it out there even more, get it in the mainstream, get everyone talking about it – so much so, it couldn’t be ignored or dismissed out of hand, and covert actions could no longer be covert. This alone helps to defeat them. As James himself has put it: “With crime, prosecution is necessary, but with espionage exposure is enough.”

To achieve all this, something else – something seemingly perverse – was required: to make it fun.

The one thing that could tick all these boxes seemed obvious: a feature film. So, without further ado, that’s what we’re going for – with your help. It will be grim. It will be suspenseful. It will be true to life. And it will also be entertaining – because to make this crazy story dull would be the worst crime imaginable…

Please read James’s piece on Byline here, in which we both talk about the project, and share and contribute if you can. In doing so, you are helping to expose attacks against this country and others. You are literally fighting this war.

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