Stealing from the Post – a review

The first of the Hunter of Sherwood trilogy (the Guy of Gisburne novels)

Just a small post to get me back in the groove after a wee break… That’s a small break, not… Oh, you get the idea.

Let me introduce Mr Andrew Knighton, author of science fiction, fantasy, steampunk and historical fiction, prolific blogger (you’ll find some flash fiction on his blog, as well as reviews and opinions) and man of excellent good taste.

Why do I say this? Because not only was he good enough to attend a panel I was on at FantasyCon this year – ‘Stealing from the Past: Fantasy in History’ – he also gave it a lovely review and saw fit to use one of my book covers (right) as the main image.

Since I was either a) too bone idle or b) too traumatised by recent experiences on social media to actually provide a review of FantasyCon myself at the time, I’m nicking his, with apologies and thanks.

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